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Ethan Trinh (they/them)

Keynote Speaker

Ethan Trinh (pronouns: they/them) is a Vietnamese, queer, immigrant, TESOL teacher, educator, writer, and researcher. They are a critical transnational professor teaching and pursuing their doctorate at the Middle and Secondary Education Department at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Further, Ethan is an active member of TESOL International, where they chair the Social Responsibility Interest Section (SRIS) and were a chairperson of TESOL LGBT PLN (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Professional Learning Network). They are an invited speaker of different international platforms, including Harvard University, TESOL International, American Educational Research Association, Universidad Mayor de San Andres, Bolivia.


From critical self to critical praxis: Transforming IDEA to ACTION in ELT

Teaching and learning English is a process where both students and teachers must constantly reflect on their positionalities with the world (Trinh, 2021). From critical self-reflection, both teachers and students will collectively create critical praxis in the classrooms where each is empowered to take actions for social change for themselves and one another (Freire, 2000; hooks, 2010). In Colombia, there is a call for a paradigm shift in English language teaching (ELT) (Le Gal, 2019) to contextualize educational needs for students and teachers. Therefore, students and teachers need to have a glocal perspective in the teaching and learning process.

In this presentation, I invite the attendees to co-think/-write/-see/-feel with me. Firstly, we will critically reflect on our teaching and learning English journeys. Then, we share challenges and successes to co-create a just, equitable, accessible, and safe space for all identities in English classrooms. We will close out the presentation by suggesting pedagogical approaches to incorporate Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) into actions in ELT in Colombia, in specific, and in the world, in general. Therefore, not only am I a keynote speaker of this conference, but every attendee is a keynote speaker themselves to co-build a glocal classroom after leaving the space.