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Sponsored from ellii: Jen Artan, M.Ed, OCELT, CELTA

Sponsored Lecturer

Jen has over 20 years of experience as an ESL teacher, teacher trainer, and advocate for digital/virtual learning. Her experience also includes curricula design.

Sponsored Lecture

Flexible teaching with Ellii
(ESL Library)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Ellii contains lessons on a wide variety of equity and social justice issues. In presenting the material, we will highlight our theme-based Collections of Social Justice, Black History Month, Gender Equality, Peace and more. We will also show lessons (such as the Black Lives Matter movement, Juneteenth, and George Floyd Protests) and resources (such as sentence stems on The Language of Sensitive Subjects or teaching tips on using Inclusive

Language in ELT), that relate directly to social justice and equity issues.

Ellii strives to empower teachers to address challenging issues in the classroom by providing them with meaningful, thoughtfully-designed materials. In this session, we will show teachers how they can use Ellii's content to engage with students of any age or English ability in an authentic, meaningful way every day.

Topic and Purpose:

EL educators are faced with the challenge of being able to teach in-person or online (or sometimes both), sometimes changing format within a day or two. In order to address equity issues and access issues, materials need to be available in printable and digital formats.

Ellii provides ready-made lessons and materials to EL teachers. Materials are both printable and accessible digitally and are ready to adapt to educators' modern needs. The platform also allows for assigning PDF or digital formats, provides integration to platforms like Google Classroom, and gives students and teachers immediate feedback with the digital homework suite.

In addition to providing flexible formats for teachers, Ellii has a wide variety of content. When important worldwide events take place, Ellii is able to produce new, thoughtful lessons within days that teachers can use in the classroom immediately. This allows for flexible teaching of content as well.

The presentation will show how teachers can access ready-made lesson plans,flashcards, and hundreds of other useful resources for their physical or digital classroom.

We will give an overview of the variety of materials found on Ellii’s website as well as provide strategies for selecting and organizing lesson plans and flashcards to create or enhance a curriculum.

The presentation will include details about how teachers can use printable PDF lessons and digital interactive tasks while teaching online, in-person, or in a blended environment.

Teachers are looking for the right content. We want to help them find it.